12th Battalion, Corsham

Wiltshire Home Guard

Living History Group


Date Raised

1943 (from employees of Bristol Aeroplane Company & Birmingham Small Arms employees in Hawthorn, and 1 Bn., K Coy.)

Commanding Officer

Lt.-Col. C.H. Tucker

Approximate Strength

732 (Aug. 1944) (A & B Coy. both over 300)



March 1943

H.Q. Coy.


2/Lt. Brooker (Int. Officer)

A Coy.


Capt. W.A. Rushton

B Coy.

Thorny Pits

2/Lt. H. Westcott (ill health);

1 Apr. 1943 Maj. E.C. Baker (interim);

Maj. W.E. Cowan Dickie

10 June 1943

D Coy.

Below Ground

(Factory Police) Maj. H.C. Hill

Dec. 1943 re-organisation

A Coy. (previously H.Q.)

Capt. L. Glasscoe

  No. 1 Pl. Signals

Lt. S. Lees

  No. 2 Pl. Intelligence

Lt. D. Laurie

  No. 3 Pl. Pioneers

  No. 4 Pl. Administration

  No. 5 Pl. Mobile Battle Pl.

  No. 6 Pl. Mobile Battle Pl.

B. Coy (A & B Coy.'s)

Maj. W.A. Rushton

  No. 7 Pl. Mobile Battle Pl.

  No. 8 Pl. Mobile Battle Pl.

  No. 9 Pl. Mobile Battle Pl.

  No. 10 Pl. Mobile Battle Pl.

  No. 11 Pl. Mobile Battle Pl.

  No. 12 Pl. Mobile Battle Pl.

  No. 13 Pl. Sub-Artillery Weapons

C Coy. (D Coy.)

Maj. H.C. Hill

  No. 14 Pl.

  No. 15 Pl.

September 1944

H.Q. Coy.

Capt. L. Glasscoe

  No. 1 Pl. Signals

  No. 2 Pl. Medical

  No. 3 Pl. Administration

A Rifle Coy.

Maj. W.A. Rushton

  No. 4 Pl.

  No. 5 Pl.

  No. 6 Pl.

B Rifle Coy.

Capt. E.W. Roberts

  No. 7 Pl.

  No. 8 Pl.

  No. 9 Pl.

C Police Coy.

Maj. H.C. Hill

  No. 10 Pl.

  No. 11 Pl.

D Support Coy.

Capt. M.H. Prigg

  No. 12 Pl. Sub-Artillery Pl.*

  No. 13 Pl. Sub-Artillery Pl.*

  No. 14 Pl. Sub-Artillery Pl.*

  No. 15 Pl. Machine-Gun Pl.+

  No. 16 Pl. Mobile Pl.#

* subsequently withdrawn; became No. 12 Battle Pl. & No. 13 Battle Pl.

+ became No. 14 Machine-Gun Pl.

# became No. 15 Mobile Pl.

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Data: Company and Platoon data derived from The History of the Wiltshire Home Guard 1940 - 1944, Major E.A. Mackay, T.D., D.L., J.P., published 1946

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