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  • All members receive an identity card patterned on a W.W.II example, completed in ink with a monochrome photograph, as per the original card.
  • All adult members are entitled to attend and vote at Wiltshire Home Guard living history group meetings and the A.G.M.
  • Members can attend re-enactment events as a re-enactor of Wiltshire Home Guard living history group. If a member would like to attend an event Wiltshire Home Guard living history group aren't registered to attend, they can contact the Events Coordinator to arrange registration. They can of course attend events in their own stead and not as part of Wiltshire Home Guard living history group.
  • All members are eligible to join the Group’s Public Liability Scheme, valid for all re-enactment purposes.
  • All members may attend out of season meetings which will include training sessions and fun activities.



Our membership year runs from the 1st August through to the 31st July. New members can join at any time with membership fees being pro-rata for the first part year.


The re-enactment season is typically April to September with occasional dates outside of this.



Membership is split into Adult and Junior catagories. Adult members can portray either Home Guard or Home Front activities. For each you select which of the battalions within the History pages you wish to be associated with for your portrayal.


Home Guard

This is the primary role that the Group was formed to portray - the Local Defence Volunteers and Home Guardsman of the Wiltshire Home Guard. The age limit of Local Defence Volunteers is 18+ and for Home Guardsman 18-65.


Kit is expensive so we do not expect new members to have kit from day 1. However new members must commit to have full kit within one year of joining. Until that time, they can portray a local defence volunteer, but would be expected to wear civilian clothing appropriate for the era, have an L.D.V. brassard, and have an improvised weapon. The first item of kit provided to most Home Guardsman was their side cap (also known as a field service cap).


Home Front

Devised to allow spouses to join in.


Any activity of the era can be portrayed. All that we ask is that you wear suitable attire for the role you are portraying and attempt to learn as much as you can about the role so that you can talk to members of the public about that activity.



We encourage the participation of younger members of the family too. They can portray W.W.II childhood activities (for example evacuee, Boy Scout, Girl Guide, and civilian), while young men aged 16+ can portray young Homeguardsmen if they wish. Again appropriate attire is expected, with some knowledge of activities of the era.



If you need any advice on kit, our authenticity officers as detailed in the Committee Section on the Group page will be happy to assist, as will any member of the Group.







Full Year



Joining Aug. - Oct.



Joining Nov. - Jan.



Joining Feb. - Apr.



Joining May. - Jul.





All members are required to have public liability insurance when attending events. This protects you from claims should a member of the public be injured on your watch.


You can either join the Group policy or obtain your own insurance (you will need to provide evidence). The Group has insurance via the Shooters Rights Association. Current annual membership is £21 per person irrespective of age and joining date. The membership year is in line with the Group membership year, running from 1st August to 31st July.



Meetings are held in January (A.G.M. and Event selection), May (Shooting Competition), October (Season Review) and December (Christmas Lunch). Drill will start each meeting except December. There will also be ad hoc meetings and drill sessions as required. They are usual held on the second Sunday of the month (occasionally the third Sunday). They are held at Easterton Village Hall unless stated otherwise.


The next meeting is on Sunday 14th January at Easterton Village Hall. Start time to be confirmed. It will start with a drill session. The agenda will include selecting the charity for the year, and event selection for 2018.



If you're interested in joining but would like to talk to someone first, you can either:


We look forward to welcoming you to the Group.

Adult Application Form: (select pop out; you can then print or open in word)

Junior Application Form: (select pop out; you can then print or open in word)


Membership Handbook

Event Health & Safety Guildelines

Home Guard Ribbon Policy

Reimbursement Policy

Medical Form

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