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Living History



  1. Aim
  2. Where you can see us
  3. Portrayals, Activities and Exhibits
  4. Group Structure
  5. Membership
  6. Members
  7. Shooting Competition Results
  8. Application Forms
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1. Aim


We are a living history group whose aim is to provide a realistic impression of the Wiltshire Home Guard and Home Front activities during World War II. Our eventual aim is to portray all 13 General Service Battalions, 101 Battery and 2142 MTC of the Wiltshire Home Guard.


2. Where can you see us


In 2018 we will be attending the following events:

7/8 April: World at War Weekend, Helicopter Museum, WsM (walking only)

28/29 April: Wartime in the Cotswolds, GWSR (walking only)

28 April: Wartime Britain, REME Museum, Lyneham (walking only)

26 May: 100 Years of the RAF, Old Sarum (display and walking)

28 May: Wartime Wallop (display and walking)

9/10 June: Dig for Victory, Wraxall (walking)

9/10 June: D-Day Revival, Southwick, Hampshire (exhibit)

16/17 June: Mapledurham at War (walking only)

23 June: Armed Forces Day, Swindon (exhibit and walking)

30 June/1 July: Armed Forces Weekend, Trowbridge (exhibit and walking)

1 July: WW1 Tournament, Gloucester (exhibit)

7 July: Stratton Festival, Swindon (exhibit and walking)

14/15 July: Vintage Weekend, Market Lavington (exhibit and walking)

21/22 July: Sorted in Dorset, Poole (walking only)

11/12 August: Retro Festival 2018, Newbury Showground (walking only)

18/19 August: Lacock at War (exhibit and walking)

22/23 September: 1940s Weekend, Bitton (walking only)

22/23 September: Bratton at War (walking)

22/23 September: Somerset Festival of Transport, Frome (walking only)

29/30 September: Cotswold Airport Open Day (exhibit and walking)

4 November: Hungerford Arcade Poppy Appeal (walking)

10 November: Charity Day in Aid of SSAFA, Calne (exhibits)

1/2 December: Vintage Christmas, Bovington Tank Museum (exhibits and talks)


If you would like us to attend an event or do a talk or demonstration, please get in touch via the contact page.


3. Portrayals, Activities and Exhibits



Home Guard (HG)

Local Defence Volunteers (LDV)

1940's Policeman

Womens Home Guard Auxiliary

Air Raid Precautions (ARP)

Womens Land Army (WLA)

Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS)


Womens Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF)



Weapons Recognition

Sentry Duty


Reconnaissance Patrols

Unexploded Bomb Demonstration

Mortar Demonstration

Bayonet Charge

Village Defence

Talks on the Home Guard, Weapons and the Role of Women during the War



Conventional & Improvised Weapons of the Home Guard

Sentry Box with UXB

Home Guard HQ Office

Signals Section

1940's Police Station

1940's Home

Air Raid Precautions

Cap Badges

Static Defences (Pill Boxes)


4. Group Structure


As the Group has grown in size, a 'committee' structure has been set up to facilitate points of contact.


Chairman: Maria

Vice-Chairman: Brian

Treasurer: Pauline

Health & Safety Officer: Bob

Meeting Secretary: John K

Authenticity Officer, Military: Derek B

Authenticity Officer, Civilian: Gill

Media Officer: Maria

Events Co-Ordinator: vacancy

Recruitment Officer: vacancy



5. Membership


Benefits of Membership:

  • All members receive an identity card patterned on a WWII example, completed in ink with a monochrome photograph, as per the original card.
  • All adult members are entitled to attend and vote at Wiltshire Home Guard living history group meetings and the AGM
  • Members can attend re-enactment events as a re-enactor of Wiltshire Home Guard living history group.
  • All members are eligible to join the Group’s Public Liability Scheme, valid for all re-enactment purposes.
  • All members may attend out of season meetings which will include training sessions and fun activities.


Types of Membership:

There are two types of membership - adult and junior.

  • Adult membership is for members 18 years and over.
  • Junior membership for those up to 18 years of age.


Membership Year and Fees:

Our membership currently year runs from 1 August to 31 July. From 2019, our membership year will change to 1 February to 31 January to fit in with the re-enactment season.


The annual membership fee is:

  • Adult Membership: £10 per year
  • Junior Membership: £5 per year


If joining part way through the year, the pro-rata rate for the first year is:

  • Adult Membership: joining August-January £10, joining February-July £5
  • Junior Membership: joining August-January £5, joining February-July £2.50


Public Liability Insurance:

All members must have public liability insurance, which can either be purchased independently or by joining the Group policy.


The Group policy runs in line with the memebership year. As we are changing our membership year, the current policy year expires 31 July 2017. We will then have a short 'year' which will run from 1 August 2018 to 31 January 2019. From then the membership year will be 1 February to 31 January. The Group obtains their PLI from the Shooters Rights Association. The rate is £16.50 for current members if renewing at the start of the policy year, or £21 for new members or if renewing late.



We have four scheduled meetings in a year, with ad hoc meetings, drill sessions, and social events as required. Unless advised otherwise, meetings are held on a Sunday at Easterton Village Hall. Ad hoc meetings and training sessions are listed on the Useful Information page under next meeting.


January: Drill and AGM (2018: Sunday 14 January)

May: Drill and Annual Shooting Competition for the James Bowles Cup (2018: Sunday 20 May)

October: Drill and Review of the Year & Event Selection for 2019 (2018: TBC)

December: Christmas Social (2018: Sunday 9 December)


How to Join:

If you would like to discuss joining the group, you can:

  • Come and speak to us at an event;
  • Come and speak to us at a meeting; or
  • Contact us via the contact page.


6. Members

"Over four years ago, in May 1940, our country was in mortal danger. The most powerful army the world had ever seen had forced its way to within a few miles of our coast. From day to day we were threatened with invasion.


In those days our Army had been gravely weakened. A call went out for men to enrol themselves in a new citizen army, the Local Defence Volunteers, ready to use whatever weapons could be found and to stand against the invader in every village and every town. Throughout Britain and Northern Ireland the nation answered that summons .. Almost overnight, a new force came into being, a force which had little equipment but was mighty in courage and determination.


.. I am very proud of what the Home Guard has done and I give my heartfelt thanks to you all. Officers, non-commissioned officers, and men, you have served your country with a steadfast devotion. I know that your country will not forget that service."


Monday, 4th December 1944, broadcast to the Home Guard by HRH King George VI

7. James Bowles Cup Shooting Competition Results








2018 (2)

John K






2017 (1)



John K




2016 (1)



Maria & Steve W




2015 (1)



Derek B




(1) Colt 1911 (8 shot)

(2) Webley Mark VI (6 shot)

8. Application Forms

9. Membership Documents


Membership Handbook; Home Guard Ribbon Policy; Event Health & Safety Guidelines; Reimbursement Policy; Medical Form